Ergonomic mouse review of DXT02W Vertical Wireless Mouse

Ergonomic vertical mouse for mouse elbow - tennis elbow - golfers elbow - computer RSI

Revised: Dec 2018 Computer Posture welcome a guest post by Stephen Bowden a leading ergonomist who explains the design aspects of the DXT02W. This design is quite different to other vertical mice and important reading for computer users before our Product Review… This mouse is what Computer Posture regard as the best ergonomic mouse out[…]

Cervical Osteoarthritis ~ Neck Pain and Arm Pain


Cervical Osteoarthritis – my story! I’ve used computers in my work almost daily for many years and was used to the occasional twinge…”nothing that a few days rest wouldn’t cure” I thought.  I worked 50 miles from home in York, in northern England, which was a 90 minute drive from home. Work was busy and[…]