Computer Posture ™ exists to help others avoid computer posture related RSI and support those already suffering RSI. We are not medical professionals, just RSI sufferers with experience who want to help others.

This website was created by a RSI sufferer who in 2007, at the height of his career as an IT professional, found he had become permanently injured with RSI with little notice. Thankfully, although our founder’s condition is permanent, he is able to continue working as an IT professional.

He has some limitations and can’t swim or cycle any more but continues to work and can do so much more now than he ever expected to be able to do when his condition was diagnosed.

Computer Posture’s status

We operate ‘not for profit’ with our costs being supported through the small commissions (typically 3-4%) that we receive from suppliers. Our aim is to show you products that can reduce or avoid painful RSI conditions. You can be sure that the products we direct our visitors to are known to be appropriate and we’re not just reading a label which may be wrong!

We are trying to improve coverage in different markets and now have products supplied from UK, USA and Canada. We hope to expand product ranges and perhaps other countries too the future.

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Technically and financially we are supported by Squirrelhouse Media.