Winter pain in the arm, elbow, wrist or shoulder

Arm pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain in the Winter? Image copyright: 123rf and catalin205

Arm pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain! New Year and Christmas might seem a while ago now but the cold of Winter may be here for a few weeks to come. Arm, elbow and shoulder pain in the Winter can be a ‘pain’ in every sense of the word and linger for ages. Pain killers may[…]

Pain in the neck – part 2

Toddler walking to emphasise moving the arms

Pain in the neck, shoulder, elbow from computer use Don’t be put off by the toddler, this post is about neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain from computer use!  Despite having osteoarthritis in my neck for nine years now and feeling quite smug about how well I am able to work with it, it still[…]

Pain relief ~ vibration therapy


RSI pain in a work context is generally about being in a static posture for too long. No amount of improved ergonomics removes the need to be seated for many jobs which then leads to back pain. Similarly, being on your feet all day also places great strains on your back also leading to back[…]

Autumn pain in the arm, elbow, wrist or shoulder

autumn weather arm pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain image of a young woman fighting against the wind with her umbrella

Autumn arm pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain! As we desperately cling on to some sunshine, Christmas will be here all too soon! Autumn is often when arm, elbow and shoulder pain strikes and may well linger until next Spring. Pain killers help but don’t fix the problem so what do you do? … Autumn Pains[…]

Ergonomic mouse review of DXT02W Vertical Wireless Mouse

Ergonomic vertical mouse for mouse elbow - tennis elbow - golfers elbow - computer RSI

Revised: Dec 2018 Computer Posture welcome a guest post by Stephen Bowden a leading ergonomist who explains the design aspects of the DXT02W. This design is quite different to other vertical mice and important reading for computer users before our Product Review… This mouse is what Computer Posture regard as the best ergonomic mouse out[…]

Cervical Osteoarthritis ~ Neck Pain and Arm Pain


Cervical Osteoarthritis – my story! I’ve used computers in my work almost daily for many years and was used to the occasional twinge…”nothing that a few days rest wouldn’t cure” I thought.  I worked 50 miles from home in York, in northern England, which was a 90 minute drive from home. Work was busy and[…]

Ergonomic mouse review of Perixx PERIMICE-713 Vertical Wireless Mouse


Revised Apr 2017 A vertical ergonomic mouse is the biggest improvement a computer user can make for improving their posture at the computer. A normal mouse/touchpad can pose a real danger for those who use their computers/laptop a lot for work, home and gaming use! Skip to Product Review… What is the problem with a[…]

What is causing your pain?

Dr John E Sarno

What is causing your pain? You may have seen your doctor, specialist, had MRI scans etc. You might have been told that you have Tendonitis or that your suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or you have Osteoarthritis in your neck which is trapping the nerves to your arms etc. This is all very typical war[…]

Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck, shoulder, wrist but can’t think what caused it? The British Chiropractic Association found in a recent study that 45% of 16 to 24 year olds complained of pains in the neck/back. These digital days whether at work or home can be busy but mobile phoning, texting, gaming, using your laptop/ipad etc[…]

Computer keyboards, ergonomics and RSI


Computer keyboards can add to the RSI dangers of computer users. This isn’t because the keyboards themselves aren’t directly creating a bad posture, it is because they force the mouse to be further away from the computer user which leads to an ergonomic problem. A good ergonomic position for the computer user’s arms and hands[…]