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Revised 17 Jan 2017

You glance at the clock and an hour has gone!

You don’t need convincing that we are not really conscious of ourselves at the PC. Our mind is totally absorbed by whatever we are doing at the computer!

When you remember, try to note whether you are hunched over the keyboard? Is your arm is extended tensely on your mouse? Are you are slumped in your chair with either your chin resting on your chest or peering upwards at the screen?

I do all of these things and when I look around an office environment is easy to see many others spending much of the day in these contorted positions.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could watch you and nudge you when your posture was poor. You could try talking to your boss/husband/wife/friend but they are likely to have something better to do than watch you all day.

Thankfully, the software exists!

Posture Minder was designed by, UK medical doctor, Dr Philip Worthington to address what he saw as a rising need arising from mass use of computers/laptops in the general population. We have used his software for years now and are still impressed by the excellent value it presents. It is award winning and approved by The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, London.

People use their computers unconsciously and this is exactly what Posture Minder addresses. Posture Minder, uses a Webcam to judge where you are positioned in relation to your screen. When it isn’t happy with your posture it alerts you!

Video explaining the benefits of Posture Minder software


Postureminder works on PCs from Windows 2000 upwards. We use it currently on Windows 10.

It provides a complete toolkit for healthier computer use:

  • Break reminders. Taking regular short breaks has been proven to reduce fatigue and improve productivity
  • Micro-break reminders. Taking a moment to relax your eyes and body, and think about your posture, reduces eye fatigue and improves concentration
  • Hydration diary. Keep track of what you drink during the working day and get advice to help you stay hydrated and on top of your game
  • Stretch exercises. Follow simple video stretch exercises during breaks if you want to actively relieve muscle tension and fatigue
  • Ergonomic training. Built-in display screen equipment (DSE) training and self-assessment suitable for SMEs to meet their responsibilities under the UK Display Screen Equipment Regulations, or for home users to set up their workstation.

All of these tools are flexible – they can be turned on or off as needed and settings changed to meet individual users’ needs and working style. If your needs change for any reason, simply adjust your settings in moments. If more than one person uses the computer, Postureminder keeps individual settings in each Windows login profile so all users can benefit from PostureMinder.

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