• saturnus-mini-keyboard

    Bakker Elkhuizen Mini Keyboard

    Well made, slim compact keyboard with 2 USB ports

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  • DXT02W-ergonomic-vertical-wireless-mouse

    DXT02W Ergonomic Mouse

    Excellent! Easy to use, hold like a pen. Ambidextrous – for left/right-handed.

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  • evoluent-vertical-mouse-profile

    Evoluent Vertical Mouse

    The design of the Evoluent Mouse 4 supports the hand in a neutral ‘handshake’ position, eliminating forearm twisting. The improved shape offers good finger and thumb support. The optical sensor and adjustable pointer speed help to reduce hand movements.

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  • perixx-407

    Perixx Mini Keyboard

    Cheap and cheerful, slim compact wired keyboard. No USB sockets.

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