Computer Posture RSI products available in UK, USA and Canada

Computer Posture RSI products are now available in UK, USA and Canada. Computer Posture has for years had quite a following in North America although our website has been UK based.

Last year we made many changes to our website and have now identified appropriate product suppliers in the USA and Canada too!

Canadian Flag UK Supplier USA Supplier

Advice on what to buy and how to buy

We have sourced specific products appropriate for RSI conditions and direct you to them through our links.

For many UK supplied products you will see we have negotiated discount (via a voucher code) and Free P&P on many items. For UK business buyers, if you see a discount on our site we can assist you with purchase via a Purchase Order.

10 percent and free postage select items

RSI Store Departments

Browse our store through the following links:-

Ergonomic Mice

Ergonomic Keyboards

Telephone Headsets

Vibration and Massage Therapy

Pull along Laptop backpack bags

Software to type for you!

Software to monitor your posture!

Ergonomic Gel Wrist Rests

Straps & Supports